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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, a leading trading power and financial center, is one of the quintet of trillion dollar economies of Western Europe. Over the past two decades, the government has greatly reduced public ownership and contained the growth of social welfare programs. Agriculture is intensive, highly mechanized, and efficient by European standards, producing about 60% of food needs with less than 2% of the labor force. The UK has large coal, natural gas, and oil resources, but its oil and natural gas reserves are declining and the UK became a net importer of energy in 2005.
Economy of United Kingdom
Currency Pound Sterling
Fiscal Year
GDP (PPP) $2.149 trillion (2009 est.)
GDP (per capita) $35,200 (2009 est.)
Exports $351.3 billion (2009 est.)
Imports $473.6 billion (2009 est.)
Main Industries Machine Tools, Electric Power Equipment, Automation Equipment, Railroad Equipment, Shipbuilding, Aircraft, Motor Vehicles and Parts, Electronics and Communications Equipment, Metals, Chemicals, Coal, Petroleum, Paper and Paper Products, Food Processing, Textiles, Clothing, Other Consumer Goods
Exports - Commodities Manufactured Goods, Fuels, Chemicals; Food, Beverages, Tobacco
Imports - Commodities Manufactured Goods, Machinery, Fuels; Foodstuffs
Exports Partners US 13.8%, Germany 11.5%, Netherlands 7.8%, France 7.6%, Ireland 7.5%, Belgium 5.3%, Spain 4.1% (2008)
Imports Partners Germany 13%, US 8.7%, China 7.5%, Netherlands 7.4%, France 6.8%, Norway 6%, Belgium 4.7%, Italy 4.1% (2008)